More on what you need to know about end of tenancy cleaning

At the end of every tenancy period, end of tenancy cleaning London is required of almost all individuals. Professional end of tenancy cleaning London is vital to get your rental security money back. Almost all disputes relating to deposits are often related to end of tenancy cleaning so the task should be dealt with the seriousness it deserves.

Who has to handle the end of tenancy cleaning?

Tenants are charged with the responsibility of taking care of and maintaining their property when they move into a rental space. Renters can be held liable if their uncleanliness or lack of hygiene causes the spread of diseases and other health hazards and pest infestations. The removal of these hazards can cost the building owner thousands of dollars.

Therefore, renters are required to ensure that their spaces are clean and well maintained at all times especially when the tenancy agreement comes to an end. Tenants are required to clean their spaces and make it ready for the next inhabitant to move in ready. Tenancy Cleaning London can be done by the tenant or professional End of Tenancy Cleaning services can also be hiredto simplify the task and to ensure that is done correctly and efficiently.

Can the landlord force end of tenancy cleaning on you?

When returning the keys to your landlord, the property must be just as clean and sparkling as the day the keys were handed to you when moving in for the first time. Since your landlord will request a hygiene and cleanliness standard that is similar to the one documented in the inventory agreement, hiring end of tenancy cleaning services is your best bet to ensure that the task is done according to your landlord’s expectations.

If your property does not meet the criteria agreed upon at the time of moving out and you fail to do the end of tenancy cleaning correctly, then you must be ready to forfeit your security deposit. If you should refuse to take care of the end of tenancy cleaning in your space, your landlord might also be forced to hire the assistance of a professional End of Tenancy Cleaning service, the price of which will be deducted from your deposit.

If this is the case, be sure to request a copy of the receipt for the cleaning service if you do approve the deduction on your deposit. To avoid being scammed and ripped off your entire deposit, it is usually more advisable to hire the end of tenancy cleaning company yourself.