Handyman Services In London: Who to call for minor repairs: woodworker or carpenter?

Do you want to hire a woodworker or carpenter to do minor repairs at home or in the office? For this, you will need to understand a little more about the assignments of each one, because depending on your need, you will need to hire one or the other.  Handyman London is a professional which will most likely complete a number of tasks. Get to know more about each professional to be sure to call the right person!

1 – Woodworker

He is a professional who specializes in working with wood, both building and repairing furniture, whether decorative or utilitarian. The professional handyman London uses hand tools for cutting, drilling, measuring, gauging, scraping, notching, adjusting and fixing. All are handled carefully by the joiner because the risk of accidents is very high. Therefore, this professional usually does a thorough and careful job.

First, the worker talks to the client to understand the purpose of the project in order to be able to design it. Then he cuts, uses the sander, drills, fixes and performs the repair, shaping the wood according to the project. At the end he finishes it, checks if it is in accordance with the client’s expectations and makes the necessary adaptations, if necessary.

The worker must have a thorough knowledge of the types of wood, as well as their details and main characteristics in order to be able to perform a good job.

2 – Carpenter

Carpenters are responsible for planning carpentry work, preparing construction sites, assembling metal forms, making wooden forms and slab lining, building scaffolding and protecting wooden structures for roofs, doors and frames, and supporting bridge slabs, viaducts and large spans. He basically mines and equips the wood for buildings. Therefore, handyman London it is useful for repairs that need less detail and finishing.


The carpenter benefits the wood by cutting and ploughing it into pieces for roofs and ceilings, and his work takes place at a construction site or service. The woodworker, on the other hand, spends most of the time on a workbench cutting, fitting and carving parts and objects. His work is more delicate and requires a lot of patience.

While the first performs structural components such as beams, supports, stairs, scissors and floors, the second is responsible for the production of utilitarian and artistic objects such as doors, cabinets, windows, chairs, dressers. Now that you know who to hire between a woodworker or a carpenter, call the ideal professional handyman London for the repairs you need.

Handyman services at home in London

Plumbing arrangements

  • Unclog and repair pipes
  • Changing taps
  • Adapt bathrooms
  • Urgent breakdowns

Electricity arrangements

  • Fix or change plugs
  • Repair of electrical appliances
  • Urgent breakdowns

Electronic arrangements

  • Television repairing
  • Repairing of computers and computer equipment


  • Furniture repair and installation
  • Paint
  • Smooth walls
  • DIY
  • And many more

Are you looking for reliable Architecture, Remodelling, and Maintenance & Repair Services? Get started by requesting Handyman London! Call us for handyman services in London, because we can offer guaranteed solutions for your home or office.